Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today networks are an essential part of all business communications and Cisco networking solutions are the foundation of these networks.

Runge ICT is a Certified Premier Partner of Cisco which strengthens our ability to offer leading problem solving solutions to our Clients.

Safenet Inc

Safenet Inc is widely regarded as the pioneer in cloud based secure access solutions. Safenet Inc is ranked as the global leader in authentication solutions.

Runge ICT Group is a Safenet Platinum Partner. We have vast experience in the fields of remote access and network security having implemented two-factor authentications into new and existing cloud and on-premise systems.


EMC and Runge ICT have partnered with the goal of providing scaleable data storage systems (SAN Systems) to accommodate the needs of companies and their ever growing need to safely store intellectual property and information.

EMC is the largest storage system provider in the world providing solid technologies on which solutions can be built on. Runge ICT Group is an EMC Velocity Advantage Partner with strong communication and connection with EMC.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks is the leader and pioneer in next generation of network security firewall technology. With the Palo Alto innovative platform you are able to secure your network and safely enable the increasingly complex and rapidly growing number of applications running on your networks.

As partners, Runge ICT and Palo Alto have a mutual understanding of the requirements to correctly capture and protect the network and systems infrastructure on which your intellectual property is developed and maintained.


Veeam Software is modern data protection, replication and backup software. Being designed exclusively virtualised environments Veeam has over come the traditional issues associated with backups relating to high costs, missing capabilities, increased complexity and trust.

Runge ICT has partnered closely with Veeam to provide a full solution for backup and replication in the data centre, in the head office or as a remote branch office backup and replication solution. We can provide a solution to data longevity in a cost-effective, industry standard method that solves this need of our clients.

Runge ICT has extensive experience in disaster recovery planning, backup and recovery and replication with virtualised server and SAN systems.


VMware and Runge ICT have partnered with the goal of providing cost-effective virtualised systems to accommodate the needs of companies.

VMware is the most recognised virtualisation software vendor in the market and Runge ICT Group has partnered with VMware for its ability to develop leading, stable solutions for businesses.

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