Network Connectivity

Runge ICT revives its legendary name of Runge Networks by providing business connectivity as a core of our capabilities since day one. From a basic DSL connections to Dark Fibre and data centre interconnects, we have recently deployed some of the most diverse network environments to cater for the variety of remote sites and CBD head office locations.

Sending data over copper is still a widely utilised technology which hasn’t evolved extensively over the last decade, however high end fibre connectivity options are increasingly becoming available to organisations. With the introduction of major cloud based services by vendors such as SalesForce, Microsoft, Google and Amazon adds to the need of increased data communication throughput. Dark Fibre links make it possible for businesses to reach those and other cloud services at native speeds and implement new solutions, SaaS services and platforms into day to day business operations.

Runge ICT has become well positioned, both in terms of data centre presence over three locations, as well as peering partnerships with major cloud providers such as CloudFlare and Amazon together with other established telecommunication providers. This allows us to leverage not only various physical connectivity options but also aggregate carrier facilities for redundancy or failover, and negotiate the best pricing point.

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About Runge ICT Group

Runge ICT Group is a full service Information and Communications Technology solutions firm with offices in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.
From system design and implementation to support and maintenance, Runge ICT has the technical experience, capabilities and industry connections to meet organisation’s unique infrastructure and service needs.

Together with the highly scalable and flexible nature of our network solutions, this ensures Runge ICT can engage with clients at any or all stages of the service continuum to deliver state-of-the art, customised solutions.

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