Drawing on industry-leading technology, our Runge Pure Mail Gateway stops spam, viruses and other threats before they reach your mail server, protecting your vital communications and preventing disruptions to email delivery and associated productivity losses.

Efficient Mail Security

Secure and maintenance free, Runge Pure anti spam and mail gateway system provides a comprehensive and highly efficient alternative to local server and workstation anti-spam software and time consuming junk mail filters, which are often ineffectual and subject to ‘false positives’ (incorrectly identifying legitimate email as spam).

Frontline Protection

All external mail is directed first through our special-purpose mail protection servers for anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-hacker filtering, before legitimate mail is forwarded on your server.

Automatic Threat Updates

On any one day, hundreds of millions of email messages are processed and checked by worldwide mail gateway systems. Runge Pure Mail Gateway draws on the results of additional external units to automatically update our servers on any potential spam or virus risks, vigilant and ever-alert to the latest threats.

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