Runge ICT’s advanced, real-time network and systems monitoring services help us to ensure that every aspect of your IT environment is scrutinised for performance, availability and reliability. Leveraging the power of our specially designed Runge Go system, we are able to accrue significant benefits for your organisation in terms of cost savings and improved efficiencies.

Proactive Network Monitoring

With Runge Go Network Monitoring, we deploy agents (autonomous software programs) on your servers, which periodically monitor and report on the health of your system using a number of key performance indicators. This advanced but easily implemented management system helps to minimise unscheduled downtime.

Automated Alerts

If the load on a server is becoming too high, storage space is running low, or potential virus or other health problems are detected, the Runge Go Network Monitoring system automatically triggers an alert, allowing your staff or our IT support centre to intervene before problems escalate into disruptions to your network.

High Visibility Management

Through our Runge Go monitoring portal, you can also view easy-to-read graphs and logs of monitoring activities and corresponding performance indicators. Event driven, daily and weekly alerts and checks can also be set up to according to your specifications for a detailed, tailored management service.

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