Runge ICT has developed a proven ICT life cycle approach to the systems and solutions we deploy. These six steps are at the heart of all our implementation solutions and services we provide.

Runge ICT Lifecycle Approach


We first undertake a detailed evaluation of your existing network environment, developing a strong picture of your current and forecasted business requirements and identifying the technologies that can best support your plans for growth.


Sensitive to your needs and key resource parameters, we develop a project plan addressing key tasks, risks, milestones and potential challenges in implementation.In so doing, we also thoroughly assess the business and financial value of potential solutions and engage in proof-of-concept testing so that you can justify your proposed technology investment from a business perspective, and we can develop the most effective design.


We develop a comprehensive and detailed design, informed by the preparation and planning processes, and tailored to your particular requirements and operating environment.This includes highly specified plans to guide activities in the implementation period,minimizing risks and helping ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to scope.


Upon your approval of our design proposal, we move to implement the new system architecture, integrating it into your network environment as seamlessly as possible. Prior to becoming live, it is thoroughly tested in a simulated environment so as to minimise disturbances and foreseeable risks.


Throughout the support phase, we engage our considerable system care and support services to maintain the ongoing health of your system, proactively monitoring and managing it to maximise its operational efficiency, security and reliability.


We engage in ongoing efforts to improve the performance and functionality of your system, regularly updating our technology strategy in line with your changing business requirements. We work with you to enhance your competitive advantage through the innovative use of new and current IT solutions.

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